Saturday, December 13, 2014

Revenge Shopping Undermines Chrismas Fun

December 13, 2014          
Revenge Shoppers Ivana Kilya and Hugh Zickenmee

Emeryville, CA

For most of us, Christmas is a happy occasion to be spent with family and friends, a chance to show our love and appreciation for the people close to us, and a time of open-hearted giving. 

For some unhappy couples, however, Christmas exacerbates marital tensions, and gift giving becomes a battleground to outdo one another with insults and cheap shots.  Stores such as Target have begun to cater to what they call "revenge shoppers," consisting primarily of disgruntled, embittered husbands and wives.

Massage Therapist Fired for Stressful Tableside Conversation

December 13, 2014

Alameda, CA
Massage therapist Ameena Badmood
 fired for tableside manner

Ameena Badmood, certified massage therapist  with over ten years of experience, was fired from Knotty Body Spa in downtown Alameda yesterday. In spite of her obvious talent as a body worker, Badmood's tableside conversation was frequently negative, leaving her clients hopeless and despondent at the end of their sessions.