Thursday, June 1, 2017

Pigeon Afraid of Heights, Forced to Take Public Transit

Prescilla prefers the window seat
Sacramento, CA

Prescilla (2), a pigeon born and raised in Roseville, CA, may be the first bird to publicly admit her fear of heights.  Ever since she fell from her nest as a young chick, sustaining several scrapes and cuts as well as a bruised ego, Prescilla has shied away from flying in favor of taking ground transportation.

Passengers on Sacramento trains and busses have become quite accustomed to sitting next to Prescilla on their ride.  "She's very respectful," reports commuter Edward Cruz.  "I've never once seen a white spot on the seat after she gets off the bus." 

Roslyn Green, Sacramento bus driver, echoes Cruz's opinion.  "Prescilla is one of my favorite passengers.  She never blasts a boombox or has loud cell phone conversations like a lot of my other passengers do.  She just comes in, jumps up to her seat, and minds her own business.  I never charge her, either, because I know how hard it is to be a pigeon in the city, where everyone thinks you're dirty and useless and no one will give you a job."

Indeed, Prescilla's impeccable behavior may be contributing to a change in attitude towards pigeons in the Sacramento area.  Mayor Kevin Johnson is even considering a Pigeon Pride Parade this summer, complete with floats and marching bands, featuring Prescilla leading the parade on foot, where she is most comfortable.

Prescilla prefers to travel
at non-peak hours

"I never expected this kind of recognition," Prescilla admits tearfully.  "Because of my fear of heights, other birds have been looking down on me since I was a chick.  Now, they are asking for photos and autographs.  I'm completely verklempt." 

Now that she is practically a celebrity, Prescilla has ambitious plans for the future.  "I figure, why stop at riding public transportation?  The truth is, I've always wanted to be an actress."

The Rotting Onion wishes Prescilla luck and encourages its readership to support her burdgeoning career.

Written by Diana Shapiro
First photo: Unknown source
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  1. She's a beauty! Prescilla, if you ever find a bus or train that will lead you to Denver, you can stay at our place.

  2. This is about dignity and self respect. Being a Jewish pigeon she was in a small minority to begin with and her fear of heights only added to her problems. All her life pigeonkind has been "looking down" at her ( Priscilla's words) and now they are looking up to her. A wonderful story.