Saturday, December 13, 2014

Revenge Shopping Undermines Chrismas Fun

December 13, 2014          
Revenge Shoppers Ivana Kilya and Hugh Zickenmee

Emeryville, CA

For most of us, Christmas is a happy occasion to be spent with family and friends, a chance to show our love and appreciation for the people close to us, and a time of open-hearted giving. 

For some unhappy couples, however, Christmas exacerbates marital tensions, and gift giving becomes a battleground to outdo one another with insults and cheap shots.  Stores such as Target have begun to cater to what they call "revenge shoppers," consisting primarily of disgruntled, embittered husbands and wives.

In their Emeryville store, Target Manager Carrie Grudges, has set up a Revenge Shopping department.  "For women shoppers, we're suggesting nostril hair trimmers, toupées, hair loss treatments,  things that basically say, 'You're not gettin' any younger, hon.'  For men, we're suggesting Housekeeping for Dummies, diet plan recipe books,  feminine wipes, weight- loss resort holiday stays, and things of that nature.  We want to support our customers to really sic it to their no good spouses. After all, Target is a family store."

Buck Yu has been unhappily married for over ten years.  "I'm glad to see there's finally a market for people like me.  In the past, I've come up with some pretty creative ideas on my own.  Two years ago, I wrapped a really big box with absolutely nothing in it. What fun!  Then, last year, I gave my wife a framed photograph of my mother.  This year, I'm going to head to Target and see what they recommend." 

Marriage equality activists Barry Manly and Les Bean feel that revenge shopping should not be marketed to heterosexual couples alone.  "We fought for the right to marry," they argue, "and now we have to fight for the right to belittle and degrade one another.  Stores like Target need to realize that same-sex couples can be just as dysfunctional as anyone else." 

If you and your spouse are not getting along this holiday season, consider giving a gift that expresses your true feelings.  If you're still married next year, there will still be plenty of insulting gifts to choose from, given the growing market for revenge shopping.  If, on the other hand, you are happily married, you might consider revenge shopping for the other difficult people in your life, such as bosses, in-laws, and ex-partners.  "Target employees welcome the opportunity to help you express your true self," says Grudges.  "Whether you want to give voice to your undying love or your bitter resentment, we are here for you.  Target cares."

Written by Diana Shapiro
Photo courtesy of huffington post


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  1. HHDL says that our enemies are our best teachers-- BUT this is not the lesson. Shame on you . Instead buy a gift out of compassion intended to make the antagonist happy.