Wednesday, April 19, 2017

United Flight Attendant Slaps Passenger Who Refused to Eat His Vegetables

Taipei, Taiwan
Alotta Greens Warns Passenger Before
Slapping Him Across the Face

In an incident that has startled and appalled United customers worldwide, Senior United Flight Attendant, Alotta Greens, slapped six-year old passenger, Billy Bianchi, for refusing to eat his vegetables during a non-stop flight from New York to Taipei last night. 

"I stand by what I did," said Greens.  "We gave him a fine, well-balanced meal.  A meal any airline would be proud of!  And what'd he do?  He ate everything but the vegetables.  I warned him.  I even counted to three.  But he just stared at me defiantly.  I tell you, that kid had it coming to him."

United Airlines CEO, Oscar Munoz, has come out in full support of Greens  When asked whether there would be any consequences to her unusual behavior,  he indicated that she had already been promoted.  "The passenger is clearly to blame in this instance," he asserted.  "His behavior was reprehensible.  Alotta had to do something, and he'd left her little choice other than the use of force."

Passengers on the flight were appalled by the incident, especially Billy's parents.  "We've told him time and time again that he has to eat his vegetables," said a horrified Barbara Bianchi, Billy's mother, "and we don't let him leave the table until he does."  Bruno Bianchi, Billy's father, was equally upset.  "You try to raise your kids right," he said, "but sometimes they go astray."

Other passengers seated nearby were shaken up by the incident as well.  "He was just so defiant.  It was startling to watch," said Ben Becker (42), a father himself.  'If my kid had done that, I would have been mortified." 

United customers all over the world are considering a boycott, based on the relative leniency of the United flight attendant given the serious nature of the behavior in question.   They are demanding a firmer response in the future, perhaps a few slaps or even a spanking.

Billy, himself, had little to say in his own defense.  "I'm sorry I upset everyone," he said.  "I will eat my vegetables from now on.  Promise."

Written by Diana Shapiro

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